This article talks about some common terminology used in fashion and their origin.

Pin stripe

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Vertical or horizontal parallel lines in clothing have always been an iconic style. The pinstripes are one of the most popular among them. Believed to originate from the British, the pinstripes were a common pattern worn by gangsters and mafia leaders in the early 19th century. It was later made mainstream by actors like Clark gable, and British prime minister Winston Churchill who popularized the style in cinema and media.

Indo-western fashion

cotton kurta for men
Ajrakh Tunic Kurta
A combination of Indian wear and western styles creates the interesting look that is considered modern Indian wear now. 
The origin of indo- western styles can be from the British raj. The influence of British colonizers and their clothing styles created the iconic looks of the past, combining the blazer with the dhoti/mundu or the turbans with the suits and wearing a kurta with a waistcoat. Even the classic formal look for women was created by combining the Victorian women’s blouse jacket and a saree. Wearing authentic Indian wear has its own identity. But indo- western styles are innovative and creative and are now popular around the world.


Minimalism is a movement focused on simplicity. It is present in art, architecture, and fashion. It’s also a lifestyle. 
The effortless style of minimalism is elegance with simplicity. In fashion, these styles are always available in the form of basic silhouettes with smart contemporary patterns. It’s a perfect combination of fashion and simple artistic creativity.  

Cuban collar styles

A popular style from the 80s and 90s, the Cuban collar was an iconic look for vacation goers, labeled as resort wear. Often worn with oversize white blazers.
The flat open collar creates a casual leisure appearance that helped popularize Cuban collars. They were popular in the 50s as club wear attire but more formally worn tucked in with a sleek hairstyle. 

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