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Clothes were created in the past to cover and protect. Civilizations in the past gave them shapes and names based on social status, occupation, and others. The rules of our society created restrictions but fashion is genderless. This concept was not that popular in the past centuries but it’s becoming more and more acceptable in the present time.


A clothing style with no gender restriction is Androgynous fashion. It is simply a blend of the so-called masculine and feminine representations in fashion. Many cultures around the world wear androgynous styles, traditionally. Scottish men in plaid skirts, the Japanese men and women in their kimonos, wearing make-up, and the Indian kings and queens both wearing elaborate jewelry all are a form of androgynous fashion. Androgynous fashion gives us freedom from gender restrictions, to wear and combine unconventional styles and create our own identity.

Genderless Fashion Histroy

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The first noticeable step to androgynous fashion was in the 1800s when women started wearing so-called men’s outfits swapping their skirts for functionality and comfort. The onset of the industrial revolution created the need for functional workwear for men and women. Women started adopting clothing then worn by men into their work wear. The bloomer was created, which was a style of trousers for women. These changes created revolts in the past but slowly got accepted into society.

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