STLYING KAFTANS - Top 3 Kaftans for Summer

Kaftans are a free flowing style that have been around for a long time . They are trending now in 2023 with more style varations. They are more popular as womenswear now but its long forgotten that they were originally worn by men and women. 

 Kaftans have been a style statement for centuries all around the world. They are believed to originate from Mesopotamia. They were once worn by the sultans and gifted to conquerors from Europe, which introduced them to the western world. 

Their minimal silhouette and shapeless comfort created awe among the corset-clad women and suits of the time. They were popularized around the world during the eastern influence era of the 1920s. They were again back in trend in the ’60s during the hippie culture and now they are a classic style worn by men and women around the world.



Orientalism in fashion started in the 1920s. It was a fashion movement that popularized oriental styles that were new and uncommon in the west. Oriental styles are clothing and accesories and even lifestyles inspired by the eastern world, like the Middle East, China, and Japan. 

Kaftans were one of the main styles of clothing in this era. They were embellished or had intricate and elaborate hand paintings influenced by Japanese or Chinese culture.People wore elaborate jewelry and even turbans to mark their style. This movement was the inspiration for the famous flapper-style” H ” silhouette by Coco Chanel. The flapper style later became the iconic look representing the 1920-30s, with almost everyone following the trend of shapeless short and long silohouttes with a short hairstyle and cloche hats. Although most of menswear was retricted to blazers and formal wear , some men who mostly worked as performers also wore clothes like harems and tunics with waistcoats or kurtas inspired by the east. Kaftans became popular in the upcoming years through fashion magazines like Vogue. Popularizing eastern countires as travel destinations and kaftans as resort wear styles.




Kaftans are back in trend now .Transparent kaftans in tropical printed georgettes or organzas are popular swimwear styles. Other popular styles include kaftan kurta combinations, kaftan tunics with matching pants and kaftan open robes.There is a lot of influence from history on styling kaftans. They can be worn as a floor-length gown or as a hip-length tops or however we want.



Kaftans are gender neutral styles that can be worn by anyone . Styling a kaftan is important to create an iconic look. Here are three kaftans styles from us to try this summer. 

Cotton printed kaftans 

A casual printed cotton kaftan is perfect for summers. They can be an informal workwear or a casual outerwear. combine them with comfortable cotton straight pants in kadhi or linen with a tote bag and leather straps. For a street wear look wear them with ripped jeans accesorize with some funky bracelets and ankle boots.


Kaftan shirts

Kaftan shirts are one of our latest custom creations for summer. They are kaftan styles with front buttonings and collars. Try this style as an evening party wear. They can be worn as a matching coord or with flared palazzos to create an intresting look. 


Kaftan robes 

This is a must try resort wear style . A full length printed or plain flowy kaftan in soft rayons or satins are very fashionable. They can also be worn like an outer layer on top of an outfit if they are translucent. With the right accesories you can become a fashion icon with this look.


Shop these kaftans from our website and create your own on intresting styles with them or Mail us to get yourself custom made kaftan and other styles with styling tips for summer.


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