Fashion is something we can create, it doesn’t have to be something that we see online or worn by a celebrity. Each season there are global trends that are popularized by the media around the world. We can either check them out and create our unique style with them or create our own. Here are a few trends that have become the identity of this era. Fashion has always been reviving from the past. These new trends are modern versions of the ’80s and ‘90s global fashion.

Velvets and Satins

Fancy fabrics like velvets and satins in the form of slip dresses, shirts, and coords are popular again. They are minimal but aesthetic at the same time. These are paired with the popular fanny packs, satin scrunchies and claw clips. Even hairstyles are repeating with the fashion trends influencing web series and films. Its like we are reliving the 90’s.

Other popular trends include oversized flannel shirts worn open with crop tops or casuals, tailored baggy suits, and a hint of bohemian gypsy influence with minute floral prints, lots of leather, and cargo pants in all sizes and shapes.

Denim in Retro

Oversized sweatshirts, shirts, and hoodies with baggy joggers or pants have become the common casuals. The addition of wearing them as matching sets and accessorizing with sneakers and abnormally cool sunglasses is their update from the past. Denim is very popular now in retro styles in the form of bell bottoms, and baggy fits with streetwear patchwork styles. Hip-hop fashion is widely popular now again with heavy chains and hoop earrings being worn by almost everyone. Even though all these styles are a repetition of the 90’s, they have a certain spark to them now that was not visible then.

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